Watercolors Step by Step

Welcome to my world of watercolor and enjoy free watercolor tutorials – easy to follow -step by step.

About this website

I started this new wordpress website, called free watercolor tutorials. Free watercolor tutorials for everybody who likes to paint. Step-by-step watercolors, easy-to-follow for anybody from passionate beginners to everyday painters. This project is still in the evaluation and testing stage but I think it is good idea to share all my watercolor-tutorials from the last years and all the upcoming. Watercolor painting is such a great pleasure and therapy for me and I am happy about every new individual to try this. If even more people would paint this world would be a better place. I plan at least one update ith a new tutorial every week. Please check it and of course I would be happy about followers and your comments.

Beside the wordpress site free watercolor tutorials there is also a new Facebook page here:

Latest entries

Since 2016 I photographed the step-by-step stages of my watercolor paintings. In the beginning it was just for me to review my painting process, see mistakes that I made and just to document progress I made (if there was some). Meanwhile I collected thousands of step-by-step pictures of my creative process and only a few have been shared yet. Now I finally would like to share all of them, beginning with some early step-by-step tutorials from my first years 2016 & 2017, combined with the latest coming soon.

Because I offer these for free I would be happy if people who like watercolors would support me with buying my watercolor eBooks on Etsy and printed versions in my online store at

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